Do you have an old switchboard with ceramic fuses from the 60’s or older? Like one of these?

switchboard3 switchboard2 switchboard1

Cables, fuse bases, asbestos backing are all bad news.

Screws loosen and cables become brittle and the cable heats up like this!

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A new switchboard will give your home and more importantly, the occupants the protection that is proven to save lives and property. 

A minimum of 2 Safety Switches is legally required for all new switchboards.

Safety switches turn off the power within 0.03 of a second to minimise the risk to person and property.

Below is a picture of a Safety Switch and a circuit breaker, note the safety switch has a small round test button.

This can be a different colour or shape depending on the brand.

circuit breaker

Circuit Breaker

safety switch

Safety Switch


New Switchboard







All switchboard and safety switch installations come with an Energy Safe Electrical Safety Certificate

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